$5 Crusher cocktails

orange crush

deep eddy orange vodka, triple sec, fresh orange juice, lemon-lime soda

grapefruit crush

deep eddy ruby red grapefruit vodka, triple sec, grapfruit juice, lemon-lime soda

blueberry crush

pinnacle blueberry vodka, blue curacao liqueur, lemon-lime soda

lemon bourbon crush

jim beam white label bourbon, triple sec, sweet and sour, lemon-lime soda

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$5 signature cocktails

classic shaken margarita

sauza tequila and triple sec shaken with fresh citrus juices and served on the rocks

brewhouse bloody mary

pinnacle vodka served with our house-made mo'fo' mary mix, salted rim, and celery stalk

moscow mule

deep eddy vodka mixed with fresh lime and spicy ginger beer

kraken stormy

kraken black spiced rum mixed with spicy ginger beer and fresh lime wedge


cruzan estate light aged rum muddled with lime juice and fresh mint

long island iced tea

a boozy blend of rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and triple sec with sour mix and cola

premium crafted cocktails

lucy's cosmopolitan

pinnacle raspberry vodka and triple sec shaken with fresh lime and cranberry juices, served with a sugar rim

beach roaming buffalo

buffalo trace bourbon layered with orange juice, sweet & sour, lemon lime soda, and a grenadine float

coconut piña rita

hornitos plata 100% pure agave tequila shaken with sweet coconut cream and fresh lime & pineapple juices, served on the rocks with maraschino cherry

puncher's chance

blue chair bay coconut rum, dekuyper peachtree schnapps, and campari liqueur, vigorously shaken and frothed with fresh pineapple and cranberry juices

georgia peach martini

deepy eddy peach vodka, dekuyper sour apple pucker, and peachtree schnapps shaken with fresh peach puree and orange and cranberry juices

espresso white russian

three olives triple shot espresso vodka, blue chair bay coconut rum, heavy cream

strawberry mint julep

maker's mark bourbon, lime, fresh mint and strawberry puree shaken over ice


by the glass

chardonnay, pinot grigio, white zinfandel, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, rosé, and sparkling selections

(selections vary per location)