As part of our vision we have made a commitment to actively seek to employ individuals with disabilities on our teams. It is our responsibility to reach out, offer a hand, give an opportunity and show people “yes you can.” 


Why “Hugs & High-5s”?
Kelly started working for us in 2016, and has Down’s Syndrome; but, I don’t see that in her anymore. And, neither does she. Every time I walk into the building, I can hear Kelly approaching me from a mile away, “Come here Mr. Wise. You know what time it is, don’t you?” I shyly smile and act like I don’t, although this same scenario is played out every week. “No, Kelly, what time is it?” I say. “It looks like you need a hug and a high-five,” she smiles and says, as she gives me the warmest bear hug that would melt any heart. Hugs & High-5s, the world could use more of these... and we are going to help spread them, thanks to Kelly.
This program spans across all of our restaurants and has quickly become a vital part of who we are. Our company-wide initiative is to include the physically or mentally disabled or challenged as 10% of our workforce.
Beyond allowing us to be more involved within our communities, this initiative has created a bond and an even closer-knit staff within our own restaurants. Our employees with disabilities have taught us all valuable lessons about how blessed we are to break down stereotypes that individuals with disabilities aren’t trainable, teachable, capable or hireable. They are. They can. And, we show that they do. Our goal with this initiative, aside from being “good humans” attempting to “love thy neighbor” and giving people a chance, is to instill confidence, teach humility and patience and live a motto “yes you can.” We also hope to show other organizations of the possibilities that are available, if they are willing to give a chance, AND it can be successful. As we continue to grow, we continue to look for new organizations to partner with both in Indiana and nationwide. If you or someone you know has a disability and is interested in an opportunity working with us, please let us know!
Partnering Organizations

Our Thr3e Wise Men location in Muncie serves as a restaurant industry training ground at the Erskine Green Training InstituteWe currently employ more than a dozen employees with disabilities at this location alone.

Through this partnership we combat homelessness through the power of running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources in the Indianapolis area. We are employing individuals who have completed essential job and life training and have transitioned into homes across Indianapolis

HVAF helps veterans secure meaningful employment to help solve veteran homelessness in Indiana by working to help them find jobs within our restaurants. Through this partnership we also work with the Indiana Disabled American Veteran groups throughout Indiana to support disabled veterans secure employment opportunities in all of our Indiana locations

Working with us throughout Central Indiana to help employ trained individuals with disabilities primarily in Hamilton county.

Supporting us in all of our Indiana locations to enable individuals find jobs

Sycamore Services, Inc. makes a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual or developmental delays, Autism and others experiencing daily challenges by providing individualized training and services to increase independence and enhance their quality of life.

Working with us throughout Indianapolis to help individuals live a fulfilling life and enrich those around them that they work with.

You can talk to a member of management today or contact our human resources department at
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