Our Employees are Number One!

A Brief Letter From The CEO:

“Hire for smiles.  Train for talent.”  I heard this a long time ago and love the simplicity of what it means.  And, it mirrors what I look for when hiring employees for my company.  The meaning is simple:  I want someone that has a great personality.  Can you tell me a joke?  And, how many teeth can I see when you smile?  That will get you hired! 

I can train you to make a drink, take an order, cook food or use a seating chart…  I can’t train you to smile, say “please & thank you,” have great etiquette and personality…  nope, by the time you walk in my door, most of this is in place for you.  We like someone with a high EQ.  No, that isn’t a typo.  Not IQ.  I want you to have an Emotional Quotient or connection with our guest and your co-workers.  This is an industry where we meet new faces and friends many times a day and 100 times a week. 

I want someone that works well with others, works hard, tries harder and can smile and make our guests laugh and enjoy their experience.  YOU are our #1 asset and your personality & customer service makes up 90% of our guest's experience.  Are you my next ideal employee?  I’d love to have you come aboard my extended family.  I hope to meet you soon!  



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