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My Day at Dayspring

One of the great things I love about working for Scotty’s is the ability to volunteer and help out in the community. Scott challenges all of his employees to “donate time, mind and soul” every 90 days to a charity or organization in need. The company even coordinates opportunities for you to allow you to meet this goal. Whether it is building a home for Habitat for Humanity, delivering toys to children at Riley Hospital, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless at our downtown location, we are given opportunity after opportunity to make a difference.

One such opportunity happened last week. I got to go with a group of employees to Dayspring Center, here in Indianapolis, and help out in their kitchen during lunch. Dayspring Center provides emergency shelter, clothing, and three nourishing meals-a-day for homeless families with children in central Indiana.


Nine of us went and spent the afternoon serving lunch, washing dishes, cutting cakes for snacks and organizing their pantries. When we first arrived we were introduced to Roscoe, a retired executive from Whitney Bose, who now donates his time making sure the kitchen runs like clockwork. Roscoe explained the purpose of Dayspring center and assigned each of us different responsibilities.

“I have had several jobs during my life, some of which paid me a lot of money, but I have never had a job that has been as fulfilling as this one,” Roscoe told me as we were cleaning up after the lunch rush.

Dayspring houses 14 families at a time. Each family is allowed to stay up to 45 days to try and get back on their feet. They continue to support these families after they leave with programs including summer camps for children who have previously stayed in the facility.


“Most of these children haven’t had a lot of people be nice to them and they recognize when volunteers come in and donate their time. It means a lot to them and helps to impact their lives.” Roscoe reflected.

If you are interested in donating time, food or money to Dayspring you can find out more information about them at the website

For my coworkers and me it was a great day to give back, see the smiling faces of the families and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have many more community activities coming up. If you would like to volunteer or help Scotty’s give back to the community feel free to contact Angie Henderson for more information at