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We Won! He Cried.

Scott Wise accepted the MIRA New Media Excellence award Saturday night at the 12th annual Techpoint MIRA awards gala hosted at the Indianapolis J.W. Marriott.

The MIRA awards look to identify the more innovative technology companies in the Indiana market. "The startup environment and tech sector as a whole in Indiana is stronger than ever because our tech sector has developed a deep and interesting sense of innovation and entrepreneurship," said Wil Davis, past chairman of TechPoint, who delivered opening remarks at this year's Mira Awards. "We're not just "doing pretty good for Indiana" anymore. We've kicked that "aw-shucks" mentality to the curb and planted our leadership flag on the global stage."

The 11 representatives of the Scotty's family took their seats at the Techpoint MIRA awards, watching numerous extraordinary tech companies win award after award. Then it was time to announce the winner of the New Media Excellence and Innovation category. It was announced they would split the category into two New Media Excellence and New Media Innovation, doubling Scotty's chances. Then it was announced Scotty's had been voted the company with the best New Media Innovation. Shocked Scott Wise walked to the stage, choking back tears.

"We looked at the communication challenges and market needs addressed by each of the nominees.  While not a tech company, Scott Wise and the entire Brewhouse team do a great job using technology, pushing the limits. They have an integrated approach moving seamlessly from Facebook and Twitter to mobile and web applications," said Lorraine Ball, MIRA Award Judge and CEO of RoundPeg Marketing.

"I was honored to even be sitting in the same room as the technology giants of the industry.  I think Indianapolis has become the "Google of the Midwest" - our own Silicon Valley, or Silicon Farm Field with the likes of Exact Target, Slingshot SEO and all the incredible startups we have in our community.  For me to be recognized by Techpoint was so humbling and, honestly, gave me some validity to my "madness."  As I told Jim Jay that night, I'm not a programmer, hacker or developer and never will be.  But, I love being on the edge of technologies usefulness for business - whether it is for marketing or operations - I think what I was/am good at is maybe just seeing where and how that fits in my business and not being afraid to implement technology as an early adopter.  That alone cut out a niche for us in Indianapolis.  We were recognized by the tech community and now play host or "guinea pig" to events, groups and beta testing.  Thankfully, I have two people and several others on my staff dedicated to taking my "madness" and help bring the ideas to life.  Bruce McClain and Lauren Fielder deserve recognition too," said Scott Wise, CEO of Scotty's Brewhouse.

Where is Scotty's going next in the New Media world? "I always tell the groups I speak to that ask this kind of question, I will use technology to always improve the lives of my employees and my guests.  It has to make life easier, faster or reduce an expense for the guest or the company.  Right now we are implementing the use of QR Bar Codes.  I think these have some benefit and I'm anxious to see where they go.  We are customizing our Facebook page.  And, we are looking at trying to do some proprietary geo-location "Foursquare-esque" applications for smart phones that would be exclusive to just our restaurants.  I am like a clown at the circus, I like to juggle a lot of technology bowling pins," said Wise.