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Are You Rooting For Michigan State or Wisconsin?

Whether you are a Michigan State fan or a Wisconsin fan, Scotty's is your place for Big 10 action. All day Saturday, Scotty's Brewhouse Downtown Indianapolis will have a heated tent on the patio with 5 big TVs for the game. Come enjoy the Miller Lite & Jim Beam girls along with Wendell from Miller High Life before the game to acquire free swag and photo opportunities. Also, enjoy green or red syringe shots, depending on your loyalty.


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Riley and Rebels

Not being able to be home for the holidays is something that many deal with yearly whether it be plane ticket prices, weather or, for thousands of kids, health.

Now until December 9, 2011, all Scotty's restaurants, including Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co, Scotty's Lakehouse, Scotty's Burger Joint and Scotty's Brewhouse locations, will be collecting new unwrapped toys for the children staying at Riley Hospital for Children. For every toy donation made you will receive a free order of Dill Chips. 

During a few special days you will also be able to see the 501st Legion 'guarding' the Riley keep.


  • November 27th from 6p-8p the 501st Legion will be at Scotty's Burger Joint, 310 Washington St. Columbus, IN 47201
  • November 29th from 6p-8p the 501st Legion will be at Scotty's Brewhouse 3905 E 96th St. Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • December 4th from 6p-8p the 501st Legion will be at Scotty's Brewhouse 352 E State St. West Lafayette, IN 47906


What is the 501st Legion? "We originally were created over a decade ago by a group of Star Wars fans whose main interest was creating the most screen accurate costumes possible to wear at events like sci-fi conventions. Over the years, however, our mission has evolved into appearing at charity and sporting events, parades, hospitals, and official promotions for Star Wars," said Matt Hofmann, the Central Indiana Events Coordinator of the 501st Legion.

One member will be donating their entire Star Wars collection to the cause during their stent at the Scotty's Burger Joint location on November 27th. "Chris Baker, one of our Rebel Legion members, was brought into the world of costuming indirectly through toy collection. Through the years of participating in events such as this toy drive, he realized that what we do is so much bigger than the movies or dressing up or collecting toys, so he decided that instead of holding onto them, he made the decision to donate the toys to Riley Kids, knowing how many children could be brought happiness during the holidays as a result," said Hofmann. 

This isn't the first time the 501st legion has been involved in Scotty's. "Our affiliation with Scotty's has been very similar in evolution, where we initially started appearing during GenCon in Indianapolis last year, but since then has included the promotion of the Riley Kids toy events. The 501st and Rebel Legions have always kept promoting children's charities and organizations our top priority, and there is no more important time during the year to keep these groups in people's minds than during the holidays. We're often called living action figures by people who come to our events, so participating in toy drives makes perfect sense," said Hofmann.

To sweeten the deal, the days that the 501st Legion is going to be at the Scotty's locations are the same days that your kids can eat free. Nothing like a lesson in giving your new toys to others along with getting their meal completely free.

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A No Restrictions Holiday

Many of those 'other restaurants' (and even us in previous years) would give 'Bonus Bucks' to only be used Monday - Thursday and only in January and February.  Not this year and not Scotty's group of restaurant concepts.  Nope.  You can use the bonus money anytime, any day of the week, at any restaurant, any way you choose!

NO RESTRICTIONS! You heard right, this year you can buy a $50 gift card and get $60 or a $100 gift card and get $125 online or in-store with no restrictions! Starting this Friday you can fill up your imaginary sleigh with one heck of a mo'fo' deal. Buy in-store and you can use the extra $10 or $25 you earn on yourself to buy one of our now available brew-homemade bottled sauces or give it away as a present your friends and family are sure to enjoy. You can use your extra bonus gift card when you want, where you want. Now all Scotty's gift cards are valid at ALL locations including Scotty's Brewhouse, Scotty's Lakehouse, Scotty's Burger Joint and Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company.
Want to split that $50 gift card into 2 $25's? No problem, if you come in-store we can do that.
Need the gift card within 24 hours? We have you covered with our new digital gift cards from our online store!
*All gift cards cannot be used until 24 hours after purchase.
**Offer valid until December 24, 2011.


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Scotty's now offers your favorite gift available for order online! Log on to any of our sites purchase a gift card and have it e-mailed to you within two hours of ordering! Last minute gifts have never been so easy.


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America The Beautiful

Sometimes while living our daily lives, we forget that there are people out risking their lives to let us keep our freedom. Ever since 9-11 these citizens have come more into the limelight, but still don't get the recognition they deserve. They not only risk their lives for their family but for everyone else's as well. You may know more veterans than you think, that nice cashier at the grocery store, that man you see begging for change on the sidewalk, the CEO of a major corporation, each and every one of them are part of keeping our country safe at one point in time. Even though we should thank these people everyday for giving their time, whether it was 5 months ago or 50 years ago, on November 11, 2011 we celebrate them and their contribution to this country. This Friday, every Veteran who dines at Scotty's Lakehouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company, Scotty's Burger Joint or any Scotty's Brewhouse location during lunch will eat for FREE. Even though nothing could thank them enough for the sacrifices they have given, it is a little token of our gratitude to give them a warm free meal.

Are you a Veteran? Join us at any Scotty's Brewhouse Monday through Thursday for 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages, all the time.

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